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#VisegradFound #V4 #szentesivízilabda #Visegradkupa #szentesiuszoda

Workshop on Monday

We have already reported that next week we will organise a water polo tournament with the International Visegrad Fund, with the participation of Ukrainian athletes from the Visegrad region.

On Monday, 14 November, the first day of the International Youth Water Polo Tournament, there will be a workshop. This workshop will include several presentations for interested children.

Petra Drahota-Szabó, sports psychologist, will start the workshop with a presentation on “Insecurity in the war zone”, followed by József Kádár’s talk on the history of Ukraine and Russia.

The presentation of Dragana Ivkovics, the current head coach of the Serbian women’s national water polo team, is based on a previous war. The topic is about “What was everyday life like for athletes during the Serbian-Croatian war?”

After all, Petra Drahota-Szabó psychologist will close the workshop with interactive games. In this section, some psychological group exercises are tried out, which can strengthen cooperation by focusing on diversity and variety.


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